Carlquist & Langum (eds.), Words and Matter

Scripta minora 24

Jonas Carlquist and Virgina Langum (eds.), Words and Matter. The Virgin Mary in Late Medieval and Early Modern Parish Life (2015). SEK 150:-. ISBN 978-91-88568-64-9. Fulltext i DiVA.

carlquist-langumWords and Matter presents new work on the reception of the Mater Dei. Although a minimal presence in the Bible, the virgin Mary figured prominently in the cultural artefacts produced in the Middle Ages and even after the Reformation. As words, she dwelled in exempla, sermons, prayers and plays. As matter, she imprinted church windows, wall paintings and illuminations. In her various manifestations, mary engaged the senses, minds and bodies of the faithful. The studies in this collection span the Nordic countries, Ireland, England and southern Europe during the later Middle Ages and the Reformation. However, all the essays in Words and Matter are grounded in the practices of the late medieval and early modern parish and the beliefs of the ordinary faithful.