Asztalos & Gejrot (eds): Symbolae Septentrionales.

Scripta minora 2

Monika Asztalos and Claes Gejrot (eds), Symbolae Septentrionales. Latin Studies Presented to Jan Öberg (1995, 384 s.). 100 SEK.

This book contains contributions from fifteen Scandinavian scholars on ancient, medieval, and Neo-Latin literature. In the first part Hans Aili discusses Caesar’s description of the elk in De bello Gallico, Monica Asztalos traces the themes of destruction and decline in Vergil’s Georgica, and Egil Kraggerud interprets some passages in Aeneis 6. Among the medieval studies attention is payed to Hildegard of Bingen, to Geoffrey of Vinsauf’s Poetria nova and to Legenda Aurea. Sevral hitherto unpublished texts are presented by Anders Piltz, Claes Gejrot and Peter Ståhl while Helmer Gustavson studies runes as carriers of the Latin language. Three studies form the Neo-Latin section in the end of the book.